Manhattan Island Marathon Swim 2008

We arrived in New York city late Wednesday evening, after a meal and an early night we were keen to fit in as much as possible with our friends Dan and Brooke on Thursday morning.

First we needed to swim so we met Dan and Brooke at their health club and turned our arms over easily for half an hour.

Then it was off for lunch before driving to New Jersey to be the first of Dan’s passengers in his new four seater plane.

He took us across the Hudson to the southern end of the bay, we flew over the Statue of Liberty and up the Hudson at 1000 feet (not very high) it was an amazing way to see NYC with a low clearance above the George Washington Bridge before returning to the little airport. It was one of the best things I have done in my life. 

Friday we walked around the World Trade Centre, we had been there last year and were keen to see the progress made.


The afternoon was taken up with the swimmers briefing at Governors Island.

We were back at the hotel room when Brooke suddenly became unwell.

Dan and Brooke left our room and the following morning we had a note under our door, Brooke was sick, Dan would now handle me on my swim and Dan’s friend Abe would do the honours for Chris. Dan had done well to organise everything for us without any stress.


We made our way to South Cove the start and finish area of the swim, after the usual nervous pre-race routine we were in the starter’s hands.

We swam with our paddlers around the southern tip of Manhattan Island and headed up towards the Brooklyn Bridge where we met up with our boats. It was good to see Dan with his “Good Morning” sign.

The East river was rougher this year than last but Dan and my boat captain got me a good line and I was swimming well.The swim through the Harlem river was as last year fun to see the spectators lining the river banks and bridges, I really enjoy that when I swim, then it was another left turn into the Hudson which was much kinder to the swimmers this year than last, and the memories of our fantastic flight just two days before were still fresh in my mind.

After 7.35 hours of swimming I touched the finish, I had come second out of the 25 solo swimmers and first in the women just 5 minutes behind the first man to finish.

I was well pleased with my swim, Dan, my boat crew and paddlers did an amazing job all day out there helping me.

Chris came in 15th in a close finish with Ronan from Ireland; he too was well pleased with his swim.

Thankyou Dan, Brooke, and all who help us and organised the MIMS this year we had a wonderful time.

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