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Penny’s Catalina Channel 6/7th August 2015Catalina 2015 1 Report By The Catalina Channel Swimming Federation – “Highly accomplished marathon swimmer, Penny Palfrey, of Australia, made her second solo swim across the Catalina Channel today look like a walk in the park!

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Today’s swim, which Penny completed in the unofficial time of 9:19.49, was the grand finale to her quest to achieve a double “Triple Crown”. Penny swam the English Channel twice, in 2006 and 2007, Around Manhattan Island Marathon Swim in 2008 and 2009, and the Catalina Channel once before in 2010. The sea conditions during today’s swim were relatively mild throughout the night, until the wind and swell picked up significantly within a few hours after daybreak. Penny appeared unfazed by the dramatic shift in weather, and finished the swim looking as though she could jump in and swim back to Catalina. Penny was assisted by friend and fellow marathon swimmer, Barbara Held, who put together and all female support crew that included Vicki Nielsen, Lea Browning, and Jane Kaufmann, and CCSF Official Observers, Paula Selby and Carol Sing.

Catalina 2015 3Amongst Penny’s many marathon swimming accomplishments is a world record (at the time of her swim) for the longest unassisted ocean swim, which entailed swimming 67.25 miles between Little Cayman and Grand Cayman in the Caribbean in 2011. Penny and her husband, Chris, recently completed a 600+ kilometer walk, “Camino de Compostelle” in April earlier this year, which began in Santander in northern Spain, continued along the coast, and ended inland in City of Oviedo.

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Congratulations, Penny, on your outstanding achievement!”

Click here to watch the finish of Penny’s swim; Catalina Swim 2015 Video

Report from “The Daily News of Open Water Swimming”

Photo credit, Paula Selby

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