Boston Light Swim 2015

Boston Light Swim 2Boston Light Swim 2015The Boston Light Swim is the oldest open water marathon swim in the U.S. and affectionately billed as the “Granddaddy of American Open Water Swims,” the 8-mile Boston Light Swim has been a local tradition since 1907. Participants begin the race in the water at America’s first lighthouse, the Boston Light on Little Brewster Island in the outer Harbor. The course continues past George’s Island and Rainsford Island, then along Long Island (and past where the Long Island Bridge used to stand), and around Thompson’s Island. Swimmers come ashore at the historic L Street Bathhouse in South Boston, home of the world famous L Street Brownies and the L Street Ice Swimmers.
Swimmers who wish to participate in the BLS are selected by a lottery system in March each year for the 8 mile swim which is held five months later in August.

Boston Light Swim 4
Penny & Helen Lin

On the 15th August 2015, just over a week after my Catalina Channel crossing I had the great honor and pleasure of participating in the beautiful, well organized and fun swim through Boston Harbor.


Many thanks to the race organizers Elaine Howley and Greg O’Connor, my pilot, and a big thank you to my crew on the day Helen Lin. Not only helping me during the swim, but assisting with organizing boats and all manner of other swim related logistics before, during and after my swim.
Congratulations to all who participated in the 2015 Boston Light Swim, both swimmers and organizers, for making this such a wonderful and well organized event.

Penny with Jim Clifford and Barbara Held
Penny with Jim Clifford and Barbara Held

In 2016, the Boston Light Swim will be held on August 20th and marks the 300th year anniversary of the light house on Little Brewster Island where the Boston Light Swim commences. Best wishes to all participants!

Video of Penny’s start at the 2015 Boston Light Swim, by Helen Lin here.

Boston Light Swim
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