Cork Long Distance Training Camp, Ireland – July 2013

Hi! Well it looks like I’ve been away from my blog for some time. I came on here to do a little maintenance (delete over 50,000 spam messages) and found this part-written blog sitting in my drafts since last July! I must have intended to write a blog on the entire 9 day swim camp, but things became a little busy with all the training and travel to the various swim venues! Oh well here’s a taste of what we did!

Our first two days;

Day one, morning swim 6am start at Sandycove – swim 1hr 15min water temp 9C.

Afternoon swim 2k race Vibes & Scribes Lee River Swim Cork, where I was honored to win the Denis Ollivere Trophy which is worked out on a formula of a notional ‘world record’ for each age group which is calculated by scaling up from the 800m freestyle records published by FINA. The ‘world record’ is then divided by the swimmer’s time, producing a percentage score.

Congratulations to all competitors and thank you to the organizers for the opportunity to take part in this well-organized and fun event.  Full results here;

Results for the Vibes & Scribes Lee Swim 2013:
By Sex & Time:
By Age Group:
For Denis Ollivere Trophy:

Day two, morning swim at Sandcove at 6am 1 hour 15 mins in a balmy 10C followed by an 8k swim race in Loch Allua. This race was swum on a handicap start in waves with the faster swimmers starting last and moving through the pack throughout the course. I’ve never swum a race quite like this before, swimming through lakes and streams skirted by reedbeds and surrounded by beautiful green rolling hills. Although feeling a little tired from the previous two days training, racing and travel with some effort I finished the course first, my motivation being that the front of the course is where the kayaker was and he’s the only person in front of 50+ swimmers who knew which way to go! Great fun but feeling a little tired at the end of the day!

The Cork Distance Camp aims to push swimmers in many ways preparing them for their upcoming channel aspirations. I can safely say already and we’re only on day two of nine that it is achieving its desired effect! Great fun, great camaraderie, swimmers supporting swimmers to the max. Thank you to the organizer of the camp Ned Dennison.

Hopefully it won’t take another 12+ months before my next entry, stay posted!